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Megaworld : Alabang West For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Lot ₱ 14,754,200 265 sqm
Lot ₱ 15,979,100 287 sqm
Lot ₱ 20,488,900 368 sqm
Lot ₱ 25,277,020 454 sqm
Lot ₱ 27,114,350 487 sqm
Lot ₱ 32,060,450 573 sqm
Lot ₱ 44,043,500 795 sqm
Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Option 1:
10% discount on contract price
Option 2:
10% downpayment
50% in 36 months
40% upon turnover
Option 3:
15% downpayment (less 7.5% on downpayment)
45% in 36 months
40% upon turnover
Option 4:
20% downpayment (less 10% on downpayment)
40% in 36 months
40% upon turnover
Option 5:
30% downpayment (less 12.5% on downpayment)
30% in 36 months
40% upon turnover

Why invest in Alabang West?

With a stunning location, unrivalled facilities and a fair price tag, Alabang West is truly worth considering as your next home. Not only does it set the standard higher than ever before by offering a truly peaceful and luxurious lifestyle, but it’s set to spark a trend in this up and coming area. It’s ideal for those discerning people who value a quality, relaxed lifestyle in a sustainable, growing location.

Trustworthy Players
As the crowning glory of the country’s number one real estate developer, Megaworld, this is a development that you can believe in. Having already completed more than 20 all inclusive, high quality townships in the area, they are upping their game with Alabang West. Their partnership with Global Estate Resorts propels them ever forward, ensuring this is their best yet - perhaps even the best in the country.

Residents of previous, similar developments by Megaworld have enjoyed seeing the value of their land and property rise rapidly in just a few short years. As the business districts continue to grow, and more high earners turn their attention to this part of the country, property prices are expected to skyrocket as land becomes increasingly scarce. Indeed, property prices in Alabang West are expected to rise by at least 5% each year, making this a safe, and wise investment.

Superb Location
Finally, Alabang West enjoys a superb location that is well connected to the rest of Metro Manila. Anyone working in another city will have no problems getting to and from work, especially with the current boom in development. Several new transport systems are underway, improving the road network immeasurably.

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